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Buying your PCís and servers over the internet? 

Many companies are. The machines come in sporadically without your companyís specific software loaded. Printers arenít defined. Security settings arenít there. Your team spends hours just getting one machine ready for the user to log in. 
Imagine that same machine showing up at your userís desk.
Take that machine out of the box and the user is ready to work. Spend minutes, not hours.

MediaSoft configuration and warehousing services takes the hassles out of the management of PC rollouts. Tested, exact images of your standard software already loaded, security set, configured for the least amount of disruption to your staff. Delivered when you want it, not when it shows up.

MediaSoft services include:

  • Personalized software image creation
  • Asset tagging, serial number recording
  • Device configuration
  • Shipping and storage services
  • Inventory management
  • System testing and inspection
Let MediaSoft manage your inventory, shipments and standardize your software loads. We provide asset tagging, shipping and other warehousing services by certified professionals. Bring reliability to your enterprise with MediaSoft. Our warehouse is now yours! 

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